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Terbigen has its primary focus is supporting entrepreneurs, and to provide business startup frameworks and interventions. Our services however has been provided to all kinds of enterprises. The Terbigen relationship with PwC has presented opportunities for us to support a broad range of companies in various business life stages. We understand and appreciate the challenges that business owners and mangers face in achieving its objectives. 

The Founder Franklin Pieterse (MBA) offers a deep and broad business experience. He has had an illustrious career across various corporate and business employment opportunities. He’s been in the shoes of executive and Entrepreneurs.  He can identify with their struggles and has the skills and expertise to guide them through difficult periods in the life of a business. His corporate and business roles include that of holding positions such as

CEO, COO, CSO, MD, Marketing Director,  Head of Business Performance, Corporate Affairs Director, Commercial Executive, and other roles. These roles were held in companies such a telco operator, technology vendor, a FMCG company, Logistics business, Services companies, Technology startups and consulting business. His real strength is the empathy and compassion with which he relates to others. He has been described as a visionary leader, equally strong at business analyses, strategic planning and execution.

Terbigen stays abreast of the latest trends and approaches to business strategies. We subscribe to the principles of defined in Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile Development, Jobs Theory, and Critical Few Culture Change. We integrate and apply business theory to suit and impact real business situation as required.  We have specific interest and skill in developing marketing and pricing strategies.    

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Terbigen is in  joint Business Relationship with PricewaterhouseCoopers. That means that Terbigen may partner with PwC on projects and may be deployed by PwC on specific client projects. The relationship dates back to 2016 when Terbigen was used as an Enterprise Development Agent. PwC appointed Terbigen to undertake a business review, provide management coaching and support to Tzars Security Solutions. Over a 18 month period, we worked closely with the Founder-CEO to redefine the business strategy, refocus products and services, and restructure the company financial management processes.

In 2018 Terbigen undertook a business review of the Business Skills for South Africa Trust (BSSA). The project included  a comprehensive review of the delivery systems, marketing practices and a review of organisational systems and structure. We also provided direct coaching and mentoring support.  

In 2019 Terbigen was deployed to the City of Cape Town to participate in the review of the City Broadband Infrastructure Project. We worked closely with City officials and other project professionals to develop business options the City may employ for more effective deployment of infrastructure and vice delivery.  

In 2020 PwC and Terbigen submitted a joint bid to DBSA for the appointment of to a Panel of professional service providers that may positively impact Municipal revenue management and the strategic infrastructure planning and management.  


Terbigen remains on the PwC list of ESD beneficiaries and enjoy ongoing support.

Strategic Relationships 

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ConnectMobile24 (CM24) is a software technology company leveraging an enterprise-platform of Concursive to deliver solutions to the market across a number of sectors. The company invested in software skills and resources to engineer new use-cases and build derived applications. 

Terbigen and CM24 is in a startegic relationship. Where Terbiben supports the business strategy development and venture alignment for CM24 who in turn offers its platform to Terbigen projects to establish and manage collaborative working and platform development for common purpose ecosystems.  

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Terbigen is a member of the Turnaround Management Association. 

Ths professional body is the leading organsiation for Turn Around psecialist and business Rescue practitioners.  


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Terbigen is a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce. Our membership gives us access to the broader business community in the Cape Town area and we are able to share our expertise as well as learn from others. 


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Terbigen Strategic framework is aimed at impacting Buisness Performance. We help you review Startegy, the Business Model and company Culture to achieve the required business results.. Business  

Turnaround requires a structured process. The Desired Change comes from taking the most effective 

Actions. Its all about the Actions. 

Terbigen has a deep experience and passion for transformation. We have been involved with BBBEE initiatives across many sectors. We see BBBEE as more than about compliance but as an essetial tsratgey for market inclusin. We help our clients to leverage BBBEE not only for internal tranformation but also for market alignment and a business competitve startegy.